Jun 26, 2013

Will Clear Skin Max Really Work For You? Discover The Truth In This Revealing Article.

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Welcome! If you’ve experienced problem skin for a while, I’m guessing you’ve tried quite a few “cures”. Like many others you’re probably here because you’re looking for a skin cleansing system that can really help in treating acne.

There are many products available that claim to combat it effectively, and Clear Skin Max is one of the better known.

So, does Clear Skin Max work? After doing considerable research and everything I’ve found out is in the article below.

What is Clear Skin Max?

Clear Skin Max has been on the market for several years and is claimed to be one of the most effective acne treatment solutions. It’s a complete 4 step skin cleansing solution which can help to treat acne from the inside and out.

According to the manufacturers, its scientifically formulated, carefully researched ingredients clear, clean and purify your skin thoroughly and deeply.

The company promote the product as having the following benefits:

Completely safe

No unpleasant side effects

Proven, powerful natural ingredients which work harmoniously to alleviate your skin problems

Clears skin, making it feel alive and fresh

Clinically formulated natural ingredients which are effective and gentle

Powerful, complete kit for daily use which contains everything needed for healthy skin – a total skincare system

60 day, “better skin or your money back” guarantee

Clear Skin Max: The System

Clear Skin Max is sold as a total, permanent solution to skin problems. It is a 4 step system using natural ingredients which are designed to work together in a holistic way:

Step 1: Clear Skin MAX Organic Kelp

Take 1 Organic Kelp capsule 3 times daily before each main meal.

With a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to get the optimum nutrition from our diets. Clear Skin MAX Organic Kelp provides a complete natural source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements, polysaccharides and protein.

It is also a source of stable, chelated iodine, and other micronutrients like selenium, vital for your body to make use of the iodine which can then helps alleviate your acne.

Clear Skin Max centre left

Step 2: Clear Skin MAX Face wash

Wash your face twice a day using the face wash and warm water.

This will soften your skin as you wash with warm water to clean out your pores. The face wash contains oats, which heal and soothe your skin and help to reduce inflammation. It also acts as a cooling gel which containing antiseptic, antibacterial, tea tree oil, along with four other herbal extracts, to promote skin healing.

Clear Skin Max face wash also contains extract of the herb euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) which has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce allergic reactions and swelling.

Step 3: Clear Skin Max Balancing Cream

Apply to the affected area twice a day.

This is a calming, soothing cream which is gentle enough for both the face and the body.

It contains the herbal actives bilberry fruit extract, calendula, goldenseal herb and tea tree oil, which provide natural antiseptic, astringent, and anti-fungal properties. Also contains Calendula to aid skin renewal, as it encourages the development of new tissue growth.

Step 4: ClearSkinMax Cleansing & Detox tea

To help cleanse your skin from the inside, drink 6 to 8 cups of this special tea per day. It’s a blend of 3 medicinal, very powerful teas which are renowned for their healing properties, to help your skin becomes beautiful, clear and glowing .

The Results: Is Clear Skin Max Really Effective?

Here are some real Clear Skin Max reviews from people who have used the product (testimonials sent to the Clear Skin Max company).

“Tried a month’s supply for my 14 year old son who’s skin was not improving using antibiotics. What a difference! His skin is less red and becoming increasingly smoother. I am so glad I found your website. Am telling all my friends who’s children are troubled with acne. Thank you so much!”

As you can see from this review from a happy parent, Clear Skin Max seems to have lived up to its claims, producing a noticeable improvement in skin condition.

“I do believe this product is truly amazing in many ways. The very first thing that I looked for in this product was how it works and whether it proves to be successful or not. I must say that I was very pleased with I because everything it says that it does it proved to be true in many ways. For example, it says that in the first five days your face will look clearer and it did! The product also said after the five days of being clearer that your skin will start to look worse due to your body getting used to the system and again that paid off to be true. So far this product has made me very happy!”

This satisfied customer is content that the product does live up to its claims, and noticed a rapid improvement in the condition of their skin.

“Having tried numerous skin care products in the past I was a bit dubious about trying Clear Skin Max but I needn’t have worried, this is excellent and I now have spot free skin for the first time in years. I am 40 and suffered with painful and unsightly spots on my chin. The tea tree oil cleansing wash is really soothing and makes your skin feel really clean and fresh. Although at first it dried my face up after a couple of weeks my skin tone returned to normal. I could really feel the acne vanishing mask working and the emergency repair cream really soothed and cooled the spots and the redness disappeared”.

A review form an older customer who is happy that the redness and spots on his chin have improved. Note that it seems to have taken his skin a couple of weeks to get accustomed to the solution before there was a noticeable improvement in skin tone.

Issues to Consider When Using Clear Skin Max

Some people notice a considerable improvement in their skin within five days of using the Clear Skin Max System, while others find it takes a little longer for this to happen. You should be able to feel and see results within 1 – 2 weeks, and experience permanent results within 3 – 4 weeks of using Clear Skin Max on a daily basis.

Clear Skin Max Buying Advice

If you’re planning on buying clear skin max, ensure that you do so from the official site so you can be confident you’re getting the genuine product and will be eligible for the full 60 day money-back guarantee.

All orders are dispatched the next day, and shipping is just over $6 whether you order one month or 6 months supply. There are several special offers available on the order page.

Our Verdict, and Where to Buy Clear Skin Max

Overall, Clear Skin Max does seem to live up to its claims and appears to be a successful solution for people suffering from acne. Furthermore, it has been researched and designed to be one of the most effective skin care systems and uses 100% safe, clinically proven natural ingredients. The 60 day money back guarantee enables you to order with absolute confidence. For these reasons we give Clear Skin max our full recommendation.

Click the link below to try Clear Skin Max from the safe, official Site – to save on your purchase, use this exclusive discount code: CLEA 5


Where To Get An Official Clear Skin Max Coupon

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Aug 31, 2013

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However, having searched for outlets that that stock it, we’ve discovered that the only way to get hold of this acne treatment solution is to order it from the official supplier’s website. This is the only way to ensure that you receive the genuine article as well as the money-back guarantee, special deals and discounts that the company offers. Continue reading »